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Closings for Wednesday 9/19th

The Town of Spring Lake offices will be closed  today, Wednesday September 19th,  due to flooding.

This includes the Town Hall, the Parks and Recreation Department, and the Senior Enrichment Center.


Waste Industries updated Schedule

Waste Industries has put the following schedule in to operation starting on Wednesday, September 19th:


Wednesday 9/19: Any Monday or Tuesday pick-ups will be done today

Thursday 9/20:  All regularly scheduled Thursday pick-ups

The regularly scheduled Wednesday pick-ups will NOT be picked up due to the areas being flooded. There is no schedule for these areas at this time. As soon as there is, we will make it known immediately.

Curfew being enforced again tonight for Spring Lake


There are people out violating the curfew. The curfew is in place for the safety of all involved, and should be taken seriously.

There will be a curfew put in to effect again tonight (9/19) at 7:00 p.m. and running until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning (9/20), to ensure the effectiveness of operations due to the flooding.

We will keep you all up to date as new information comes in.

There is currently an evacuation ongoing at the Heritage Apartments, and there will be an IMMEDIATE power cut off due to flood waters:

At this time, ALL of Heritage Apartments will be without power. 




All roads previously affected by the flood waters in the Town of Spring Lake are STILL CLOSED and impassable.

Crews are currently monitoring the river and its overflow, and will make necessary updates as they become available.

They are asking that you please avoid these areas as to allow the crews to do their work, and for the public’s safety.

List of Closings for Tuesday

The Town of Spring Lake offices will remain closed on Tuesday, 9/18, due to the flood waters.

This includes:

the Town Hall, the Parks and Recreation Department, and the Senior Enrichment Center

The Spring Lake Transit System 

Waste Industries


Update from Cumberland County and the National Weather Service regarding the seriousness of the river crest:
  1. The rainfall that fell Sunday night is accumulating in tributaries and flowing into the Little River
  2. An additional ½”- 1” of rain is expected tonight
  3. This is a very serious situation and the “Cumberland County 1 mile evacuation area” will be impacted by flooding
  4. The Little River will crest between midnight and sunrise and will not go down quickly. This will be a long-lasting and dangerous situation.
  5. High speed, fast-moving water with debris will likely cause bridge damage; do not walk or drive on bridges that have been flooded
  6. Even though the rain has ended the flood hazard to life and property is real. Do not become complacent.
  7. Other hazards to remember:
  8.    Continued threat of tornadoes
  9.    Heat-related problems/illness – Stay hydrated!

Roads still closed due to Little River spilling over


Highway 87 North at Odell Road

Highway 87 South at Vass Road

Highway 210 North at Chapel Hill Rd

Highway 210 South at E. Manchester Rd.

The Little River in Spring Lake is spilling over it’s banks, causing massive flood waters to overcome many of our roads, neighborhoods, and businesses. During this time of emergency, we ask  that all citizens avoid these areas so that emergency personnel and crews can do their jobs to the best of their ability.

As to when the flood waters will stop, or start to recede, it is not known. What IS known is that the SAFETY of everyone involved is our #1 priority at this time.

We will pass along ALL updates as they are immediately available, and until then, remain where you are.


Hwy 210 is now closed at the Little River Bridge


Hwy 87 South from Vass Road, and Hwy 87 North from Odell Road 

HWY 210 is NOW CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!

Odell Road is open for travel.  

Please remember that the Town offices are closed today, and there will be no water cut offs or late fees for September.

Spring Lake is once again enforcing a curfew

The Town of Spring Lake is once again enforcing a curfew from 7:00 p.m. tonight until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning (9/18/18),  due to the dangerous flooding in our area.

Please follow us on Facebook for up-to-date road conditions and closures.


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