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Strong Readers Make Strong Communities

Did you know the Mayor of Spring Lake has dined with royalty? He has also sailed around the world. In addition to serving in the United Stated Armed Forces, he has gone on safari in the great Sahara, climbed Mount Everest and fought off pirates. He has fought many battles, led many people and made countless friends. He’s been to the far reaches of the galaxy and the deepest depths of the ocean. He has done all these things and so much more. How do you ask? He has done these things all by opening the pages of a book.

Mayor Chris Rey is excited about the new Community Initiative, “Strong Readers Make Strong Communities.” The purpose of this reading program is to encourage young people to engage in the fundamentals of reading and promote participation from everyone in the community. Reading is the foundation to a lifetime of learning. In only 30 minutes a day, skills such as grammar, comprehension, memory, creativity and focus are all proven to increase. Readers truly are leaders and leaders make strong communities.

“I love my gadgets. My iPad, smart phone, computer; all these things are great. Technology has made it easier than ever to get information at our fingertips. For me, there is nothing like holding a book. Call me old school but nothing beats a good book. That is what this is all about; connecting with the world through good old fashioned books,” says Mayor Rey.

Join Mayor Rey and connect with the world; choose your adventure… read a book today!

On August 12, 2013, Mayor Chris Rey signed the “Reading Empowerment Zone” Proclamation.  This proclamation declared our Town a “Reading Empowerment Zone” and encourages all non-profit organizations and local businesses to raise awareness of this initiative by publicly acknowledging their support.  It also encourages everyone to volunteer at one of the participating schools and to commit to the reading growth of all our children by devoting no less than one hour per week to assist the Town of Spring Lake’s goal of ensuring each child in reading on grade level by the 4th grade.

Reading Empowerment Zone Proclamation

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; it’s the only thing that ever has.”

~Margaret Mead

It is easy to become a volunteer.
Please download and complete the Cumberland County Schools background check (see link below) to begin the process.
Until the final information is made available, all questions should be directed to the Mayor’s Assistant – (910) 436-0241 x1321.

The following is a list of the schools that are participating in “Strong Readers Make Strong Communities” initiative:


Check back soon for upcoming information

Check out the gallery of photos showing volunteers, leaders and readers!
Strong Readers Make Strong Communities photo album

The Office of Mayor Rey would like to extend a special thank you to the following sponsors.  These establishments/individuals have committed to making this initiative successful by going the extra mile.

  • Spring Lake Public Library
  • PWC of Fayetteville
  • Barnes and Noble of Fayetteville
  • Fayetteville Urban Ministries
  • Spring Lake United Methodist Church
  • Sonic of Spring Lake
  • Dairy Queen of Spring Lake
  • Burger King of Spring Lake
  • Subway of Spring Lake

The Town of Spring Lake • PO Box 617 • 300 Ruth Street • Spring Lake, NC 28390 Town Hall: (910) 436 – 0241 • Water Department: (910) 703 – 8912

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