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This Schedule May Not Be All Inclusive

Other rates and fees may be found in local ordinances.
Click on any of the links below for specific rate details. Effective July 1, 2019

Schedule of Fees



Annual Inspections
Fire Additional Inspection Fees
Fire Department Services
Exit Violations
Fire and Special Permits
Fire Violations


Taxicab Certificates
Wrecker Fees
False Alarm Violations


Community Center Memberships
Membership Card Replacement
Gymnasium Rental
Multipurpose Room Rental
Park Rentals
Youth Athletic Registration
Youth Classes


Renovation Fees
Insulation Permit
New Construction Fees
Plumbing Permit
Gas Piping Permit
Central Air/Heat Pump
Electrical Permit
Under Ground Storage Tanks
Above Ground Storage Tanks
Miscellaneous Inspections Fees
Building Plan Review
Inspections Refund Policy


Face Change
Map Fees
Sign Permit
Site Inspection Fee
Site Re-inspection Fee
Site Plan Review
Yard Sale Permit
Zoning Permit

 Miscellaneous Fees

Employee Mile Reimbursement
Employee Meals Reimbursement
Indiv. Medical Insurance Contribution
Tax Rate
Spring Lake Transit

 Water and Sewer

Adjustment Policy
Delinquent Account Policy
Utility Deposits
Utility Connection Fees
Impact Fees


Solid Waste Availability Fee
Non-Participant Bulk Collection Fee





For the full Rate and Fee Schedule,  click here .


The Town of Spring Lake • PO Box 617 • 300 Ruth Street • Spring Lake, NC 28390 Town Hall: (910) 436 – 0241 • Water Department: (910) 703 – 8912

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